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Merchant Nail - Large (set of 6)

Honest materials are at the foundation of my hardware range. The range of merchant nails from the small flat head nail to the giant tinker nail is equally as beautiful as they are functional. Bang them into your walls to hang pictures or even tea towels on, or simply appreciate them as an aesthetic object or paperweight. Each has been hand formed and so is unique.

Sold as a set of 6 nails.

Finish: blackened steel

Large: 9cm long x 3cm diameter.

To best install pre-drill before use & use mallet to tap tap tap into place!

Have a read of Styling with Hardware: Ideas for Using Nails.


Our products are hand forged using honest & humble materials. Their imperfections, patinas and variations are intrinsic to the underlying importance of craftsmanship within India.

Our brass will patina & age over time, this ever-changing characteristic makes the object even more beautiful.

Linseed oil or penetrol can be used on all of our blackened steel to keep it rich & dark in colour. This will also prevent & remove any rust which may build up over time in coastal or wet environments. Dot a rag with penetrol & massage into the steel for 3-5 minutes & leave to dry. We recommend a few coats over the life of the product.

Our raw leather products are designed to age & darken over time. We love when the story of the user & their environment is imprinted on our products. Oxalic acid can be used to wipe down your raw leather to remove any dark stains or spills. A little goes a long way!

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