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Ray of Sunshine Goats Milk Bath Bomb - unwrapped

Each one is perfectly imperfect.

All Goat milk is produced by their own goats on the family owned small farm :)

These bath bomb’s do not stain and we always recommend rinsing yourself (and your bath after use) and pat drying to retain skin nourishing oils.

This is what the maker says of her products:

Suave Soaps is a reflection of me, a tad quirky and a bit eccentric :) . I'm massively passionate about creating high quality, stunning and amazingly scented products that leave my customers feeling pampered and extremely happy. My prime focus is creating as natural as possible products, that nourish and feed your skin (and hair), as well as focusing on products that other makers may miss (products for the super sensitive for example). The other reason I started Suave Soaps was for my passion for life on the farm with the animals (all the goat milk used in our products is milked fresh here on the farm). Suave Soaps was created in perfect balance of these two loves in my life.

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